Boys Compound Bow

High-performance Compound Bow is fully functional and comes with 2 hook & loop + suction cup tipped arrow and window cling target. Center fire configuration makes it ideal for right or left-handed shooters.

Age 5+

Bow_Compound_NXTRRBB NXTCBT Maxxforce Bow

Compound bow with cylinder launcher. Kit includes Bow, quiver, 6 foam projectiles and target.

Age 5+




Tactical Crossbow

Kit includes Crossbow, quiver and 3 foam projectiles.

Age 14+
Bow_TacCross_NXTTX10Force_Logo NXTCSBK Crossbow

Functional crossbow with sight, 6 foam projectiles (3 hook & loop + 3 suction) and window cling target.

Age 14+


NXTRanger Longbow

Kit includes Longbow, arm guard, paper target and 2-23″ suction cup tipped arrows.

Age 8+




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